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  • Meet Up at Exclusive Inner-Circle and AIM Group Get-Togethers - Join your fellow AIM SmartEQP Members for fun, recreation and brainstorming at various industry trade shows and events.
  • Gain Access to Inner Circle Insights - Quick, up to the minute videos providing specific, easy-to-implement ideas and recommendations.
  • Benefit from Featured IC Trainings - Exclusive, detailed video training which covers important, cutting-edge strategies and tactics to give our members a competitive advantage.
  • Tap Into the Inner Circle Knowledgebase - Have a question on any industry-related topic?  Inner Circle Member get password-protected access to our archive of more than 175,000 Mastermind and Discussion Group opinions, answers and topics in an easy-to-use, easy-to-search format.
  • Interact with Your Fellow Inner Circle Members 24/7/365 - Join David Blaise and your fellow Inner Circle members any time, at your convenience, via our exclusive Mastermind Email Discussion Group.
  • Ask Questions, Provide Opinions and Get Personal Feedback - Join David Blaise and your fellow Inner Circle members for our monthly teleconferences to ask your questions, get feedback and learn what's working (and what's not) right now.
  • Access Cutting-Edge Ideas and Growth Strategies Whenever You Need Them - Can't make the teleconference live? No problem. You'll get a complete digital recording of each call so you can listen at home, in your car, on your computer or whenever you want with your iPod or portable MP3 player.
  • Read or Skim These Tips, Tricks and Strategies at Your Convenience - In addition to live access and the digital recording, you'll also get a digital transcript of each Inner Circle Teleconference, so you won't miss a word. Read or skim the contents at your convenience.
  • Plug Into Top Secrets Podcasts - Bite-sized audio recordings, excerpts and "rants" that David has created to train and motivate.
  • Hear Exclusive Industry Interviews - Listen to timely interviews that David Blaise has conducted with other industry insiders and people of interest.
  • Get Inside the Exclusive, Password-Protected Inner Circle Website - Access Members-Only Multi-Media Training Presentations and more inside the Inner Circle Membership site.
  • Connect with the Exclusive AIM Membership Site - Access is open only to AIM SmartEQP Members. This site provides members with supplier information, details on pricing, supplier safety protocols, social media links, and much more.
  • Relax and Enjoy Super Fast Discounted Art Services - Take advantage of great discounts on vector art conversions, with same day turnaround in many cases. Our suppliers understand the industry and suggest alternative layouts when needed.
  • ...and much more more

Note: To maintain the intimate nature of the group, the number of AIM SmartEQP Members is strictly limited and by Invitation Only. All applicants must meet eligibility requirements.

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