Promotional Products Coaching for Business Owners, Executives and Salespeople

Promotional Products Coaching and Consulting for Business Owners, Executives and Salespeople

If you're serious about increasing sales, improving profit margins and growing your promotional products business, then Top Secrets coaching and consulting may be right for you.

The purpose of our one-on-one consulting is to help you to fully implement the Top Secrets tools and strategies in your business and allow you to focus on the specific actions you need to take to dramatically improve your results.

The Top Secrets Approach to Coaching

There is a huge difference between coaching and cheerleading. Cheerleaders make you feel good about the job you're doing, while coaches make you focus on doing your job better. If you need a cheerleader, we're probably not the best fit for you. If you need a coach, you've come to the right place.

The Cheerleader Says: "You're Doing Great! Goooooo Team!"

The job of a cheerleader is to encourage you and support you regardless of how well or poorly you're doing your job. If you're doing great, they'll tell you you're doing great. If you're doing badly, they'll tell you that you're great anyway!

What the cheerleader won't tell you is what you have to do better and differently. That's the coach's job...

Top Secrets Author, Entrepreneur & Coach, David Blaise

The Coach Says: "You Need More Contact on the Field!
You're Not Playing Enough Offense! Focus on the Essentials!
Move, Move, Move, Move, Move!"

The coach's job is to determine where you need the most help, whether or not you're performing up to your potential, which skills need to be improved and perhaps most importantly, what you need to be doing better right now in order to win the game!

The Top Secrets approach to coaching is to first examine what you're doing and how you're doing it, then to isolate problem areas as quickly as possible, recommend the appropriate game plan and follow up to see that you're implementing it.

But success in business requires more than isolating problem areas. It also requires doing more of the things that you are exceptionally good at. So we'll also help you to focus your attention on doing the things that you do particularly well and show you how to effectively delegate the rest. Have no one to delegate to? We'll address that problem as well.

The Top Secrets Approach to Consulting

The Top Secrets approach to consulting is to get you what you need as quickly as possible and then get out of your way.

In the old Bob Newhart TV show, he played a psychiatrist... and every week, the same parade of dysfunctional patients would pass through his office. And it begged the question...

Don't These People Ever Get Cured?

Most Top Secrets clients don't really need ongoing coaching. If they want it, that's fine, but in many cases, we can address the specific issues that you're dealing with and get you on the right track within a matter of hours.

Our basic consulting package starts at just six hours. And that can be broken up into one, two or three hour sessions. At that point, many people have what they need and are on their way! You can schedule it over a single week, or spread it out an hour at a time over six months. Our objective is to get you the results you need. You determine the timeline.

Limited Hours = Limited Availability

Due to the time-intensive nature of one-on-one consulting, there are only ever a small number of hours available. As a result, it is never promoted to the general public. Most slots are filled by existing clients who specifically call to request one-on-one sessions. These are scheduled as time becomes available.

Our consulting services are limited to existing Top Secrets clients only. While we are happy to work with existing clients on the implementation of Top Secrets strategies, we have no interest in burning consulting hours delivering information that is readily available in the Top Secrets success systems.

Top Secrets Coaching and Consulting is Extremely Effective...
But it is Not for Everyone

If you are familiar with the Top Secrets mindset and materials -- you know it will will work for you -- and you just need some with the specifics of making it happen in your business, then our coaching/consulting program may be for you.

To register, simply complete the information below. If no slots are available, you will be contacted by our staff and will have the opportunity to join the waiting list.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-494-2721.

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